Elvis Week

Elvis Week
Each August, Elvis fans of all ages from around

the world gather in Memphis, Tennessee for

Elvis Week -- a commemoration of the music,

magic and memories associated with the legacy

of Elvis Presley. Long-time fans and those who

are new to it enjoy a full week of music, dance,

sports, social and charitable events -- all in an

atmosphere of international friendship and

camaraderie. Most fans say it feels like a huge

family reunion they all look forward to each year.

(“Everybody will be there ‘cept Elvis�) ~ Sandra.

I live about 5 miles from Memphis, Tn and have

been to Elvis’ house 1 time, with my sis, Rhonda,

from south Louisiana. Guess you can tell I am

not an Elvis fan, but he was a great singer and song writer. ;o)

A Gift for Zoie:

Zoie visited my site after I posted a comment

at her Blog site. Visit her site by clicking on her

name ‘Tag’. I know you will enjoy it. ;o)

Another nice rain during the early morning, cooled

things down and refreshed everything/everyone!

The new Red Moss Rose is enjoying living here.

Our Tiny Tee is really grateful too!


  1. We used to get some people who gathered in Indianapolis at the site of Elvis's last concert. But then that venue was torn down and now it's an empty parking lot waiting for someone to develop it. There is at least a plaque there commerating it as the site of Elvis's last concert. It's only been stolen once.

    Interesting blog, I'll have to check ot more of it.

  2. Just moved from Arlington, TN. Lived there 7 years. Never went to Graceland, but drove thru it and had my window broken...well, you know!!


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