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What do you grow? We have mostly flowers, for now. A volunteer grape tomato has started providing handfuls for snacks. Also, we have a wonderful fig bush/tree.

How big is your garden now? It's in the backyard, maybe 40 feet by 40 feet. There is also a fish pond about 16x10. In the front yard, is a large oak tree that shades the whole yard. I’ve planted azaleas and hostas all around it.

What do you grow? This year I rooted Angel Trumpets, for the first time. The yellow ones bloomed first. I think I have a red one, given to me by an online gardening friend. I like daylilies, morning glories, hostas, gingers, and clematis.

How often are you in your garden? Several times a day. I'm home, so I come out early in the morning. I'll run out and check on stuff during the day. I just like to play in the dirt, and I'm out here on the weekends a lot. I like to give my money to our local nursery instead of a therapist.

What has been most successful in your yard? Probably the fish pond, although Don does all the maintenance. But I keep all the bog plants in shape by culling the overgrowth.

What's your favorite part of your garden? The swings are probably the most favorite, we have four. First thing in the morning, Don and I have our coffee together, usually on the deck swing.

What do you hate most about gardening? Probably the weeds and the hot humid weather.

What's the best part of gardening? I feel like it calms me down. … If I don't feel good, I go out and dig in the dirt and I always feel better.

What have you gained from the experience? Patience and the ability to not think that I can control things, which I always thought I could. And just probably some sense of peace in my life.

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