Arkansas Scenery

We are back and had a great relaxing trip. We left Friday and enjoyed the foliage in the 'hills' of Arkansas. We spent the night in a small town, and were on our way to the 'Bean Festival' in Mountainview. Unfortunately, we had pick up stones in one of our tires and had to buy another one, before continuing on our trip. We rambled through all the crafts and enjoyed the 'pickin' on the square, where they cooked and served pinto beans, cornbread and onion. The crowds seemed smaller this year. After lunch we traveled on to Yellville, (wherever that is) and took the northern route home, arriving home Sunday afternoon.

Road cut through rock terrain


  1. Hah! Sandra, my kitchen is beyond help, honey!
    I miss the food in the South. (mid-south, I guess!) I would like to place an order for:
    Jalepeno poppers and Strawberry limeade at Sonic.
    Barbeque Chicken Nachos from Autozone park.


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