Another Fav Raggedy Ann/Angel

My DD *N* gave me this Raggedy Ann/Angel Optical Night Light for Christmas last year. You can barely see her angle wings on her back.
Isn't she cute. The opital light changes to different colors (didn't show up in pics).
I am including two pic, so you can see the 'baby' she is holding. Hope ya'll have a great week-end.


  1. Good morning Sandra:-) For some reason I didn't have your blog saved in my favourites so I've been missing visiting you!!! I finally followed the link that was in your email:-) What a darling angel she is, I just love stuff like that. I can just imagine how pretty it is with the optic fibers lit up!! Love the poem LOL....sad in a way too, though, because that's exactly what they're trying to do, take the Christ away from Christmas. I will ALWAYS say MERRY CHRISTMAS:-) xox

  2. The poem is so true. Sadly so...
    Even when someone wishes me Happy Holidays, I always say Merry Christmas.
    Christ is the reason for this season..


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