My Christmas Cactus In Bloom

I forced-bloomed this plant, by putting it in a closet in September and bringing it out the first week in November and watering it well and this week it began to bloom. Enjoy!

My DH *D* had an EKG done this morning, and they have scheduled him for a catherization at 1:30 today (CST).


  1. Very pretty blooms. I think I like the white better than my hot pink variety.

  2. I had never seen a Christmas Cactus before I started blogging and saw pictures of them on blogs! They really are such beautiful plants!!

  3. Sandra,
    It's so funny, when I started to read your blog, weeks would go by and you never posted!! Now, I see you post every day, or try to!! and I see the bloggers from my blog visit you!!
    Isn't blogging wonderful??!!
    You are a dear friend to me, along with
    *D*, your DH!!, whether you know it or not~!!
    I love your cactus, honey!!

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  5. Sandra said...
    zoey: The white ones seem like the perfect color for Christmas.

    pea: I have have this one for 4 yrs. now and hope it will be around for some time. I had a red one, that bit the dust. lol

    sissy: "weeks would go by and you never posted!!" lol..I had a time, trying to come up with something interesting, and realized, if I waited for that, I could be sitting around, tapping my nails on the desk. So, I look for things that are 'neat', to me.
    I am truly glad I have kept up the blog, as our friendship has grown, so much, and I look forward to "being with you", because of the blogging world.


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