Family Friday

Homemaking Meme. It's one I haven't seen before!

Aprons? Y/N? No. I have several that I use to decorate in the kitchen.
Baking? Not as much, since DH has to cut back.
Clothesline? Y/N? Yes, just the heavy/big things.
Doughnuts? Have you ever made them? Yes, out of biscuit dough.
Name one thing you do every day. Pray
Freezer? One Upright and two in Refrigerators
Garbage Disposal? Yes
Handbook? Bible.
Ironing? Love it or hate it? Not a chore.
Junk Drawer? Yes, in every room.
Kitchen- Decorating Scheme: Antique decorations.
Love What is your favorite part of homemaking? I love to cook.
Mop Y/N? Yes, and my DH helps too.
Nylons Wash by hand? Yes.
Oven Do you look through window or open door? Both.
Pizza What do you put on yours? Pepperoni and cheese.
Quiet What do you do with your quiet time? Bible study and computer.
Recipe Box Y/N? Yes, one for desserts; the other for everything else; and I have several cook books.
Style of House We live in a one story home built in the 1970's. I would love to re-model my kitchen.
Tablecloths and Napkins? Tablecloths (seasonal) and Napkins (cloth on special occasions.
Under the Sink- Organized or Toxic Wasteland? Organized.
Vacuum How many times a Week? I like to vacuum everyday but I don't always!
Wash-How many loads a week? We usually do 1 or 2 loads a day.
X - Do you keep a list of daily things you need to cross off? Just the grocery list on chalk-board.
Yard- Yes I have flower beds and fish pond; but DH mows and weed-eats.
ZZZ's What is your last homemaking task for the Day? Dinner dishes.

I don't usually talk about myself; this one was easy....Feel free to use this one.

I removed the scrapping pic I had here.Did not realize I could not use it here, only in my personnal albumn. ;)


  1. Hi Sandra:-) I so enjoyed your answers to this meme...I had never seen this one before! Love the scrapbooking page you made, beautiful!! Hugs xox

  2. I don't get the digital scrapbooking thing!! Is it scrapbooking? Is it on your computer? Sheesh! I am dumb!

  3. "Digital scrapbooking, also known as computer or electronic scrapbooking, is a way of presenting your photographs and memories in a digital file.
    lol: sissy...
    A digital scrapbook page is created by arranging digital or scanned photographs, journaling, and images in a software program that can manipulate text and graphics.

    They can be printed and placed in an albumn or left on the computer. LOT cheaper that buy all the emblishments!!
    LOVE it!!


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