Spring Is Here!

Just a few pix to see what has been happening in my gardens.

Wisteria fifth year of growth:

Amarillas....Bloomed March 2, 2007 Eight Blooms is all...better late than never.;o)

Spring is in the air here and most of my plants are sprouting out of the ground. I recently bought some hybrid day lilies from a gal I met at her garage sale. Her whole back yard is a Day Lilly garden. Here is what I bought: Canticue (soft pale pink); Dominic (velvety black); Imperial Guard (coral red); My Keeper (light crème yellow; Old Red (apple red); Pandora’s Box (white w/purple center) and a gift plant Purple Rain Dance (deep purple); will plant tomorrow. Also the Angel Trumpets are ready to go in the ground – I rooted them from plants I got last year. Will post pix whenever I get more time.
Hugs xxooxxoo


  1. Sandra,
    Nice to see you back.

    That wisteria is beautiful!

    So sorry to hear about Tiny Tee, but glad to hear your husband is OK.

    It sounds like you found a treasure trove of daylilies! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Hi Sandra..was wondering if everything was ok!! Glad to hear it's only been because you've been busy:-) Your flowers are just beautiful...I envy you having flowers blooming already! The snow just finally left here and it will be a couple of weeks before even my Spring flowers start coming up! Glad to hear that your hubby is doing well!! But oh dear, I can just imagine how worried you must have been about Tiny Tee...glad he's on the mend as well! xox

  3. Imagine my shock when I clicked here, just to check, and you have posted!!!
    Don must be a miracle, to have a heart attack and heal yourself??!! Amazing!
    Take care of Tiny, those little ones needs us so much!


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