In Full Color

Wisteria and Angel Trumpets. (Potting house in background).

The pond below the decks.

This is the area behind our house and our deck. The two plants in front are Angel Trumplets. I don't know their colors; these were rooted during the winter months. I have 9. So far only the yellow ones have blooms or pods.

One side of the decks and the upper pond, between them.

The other deck.

Pond and goldfish and water lily.


  1. Wow, Sandra, your deck is beautiful!

    Your potting house is so pretty with all those blooms hanging over it.

    You have done a great job with everything.

  2. i love that gold fish pond. I'm nuts about water features.
    You have a beautiful place.

  3. Nice blog and lovely deck.. thanks for visiting my blog and I appreciate your kind comments. Best regards, Jon on 8-5-07

  4. Words could not describe how beautiful your decks are, and how private and serene it looks; you photos show it so well. And a pond too. Wonderful.

  5. Thanks Terra! Glad you dropped by. Come again, when you can stay longer. (hugs)


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