Saturday Scrapping - Spring 2010

It is nice to have a next door neighbor who has a beautiful yard! Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Lamb!


Best coupons event to date!  SC Johnson had a rebate offer of $5.00.  Here is what I did. 
Buy 3 products (Soft Scrub) on sale at Walgreens @ $2.99 each = $8.97
                                                                               Minus MFG coupon -2.99
                                                                Minus Printed MFG coupon -1.50
                                                                              Miinus Rebate          -5.00
Deal Maker: 3 FREE and -$1.52 off Total Register receipt.
This was the time I bought $163.42 and only PAID $63.18.  I received my rebate Monday 4/5/2010. :o)

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