Top 10 Reasons to Stockpile- Why I Clip Coupons

Why I Clip Coupons

Thanks Melissa from Stockpiling Moms

10. Because you never have to pay full price for your gas again.

9. You can never have enough (free) Lysol products from Meijer‘s half-price sale!

8. With the hundreds of dollars you save a month you can make a car payment, buy season passes to the zoo, afford extra’s for your children or afford a date night!

7. You have enough FREE personal hygiene products for a everyone in your neighborhood….shampoo, Johnson’s Buddy Bars, shaving cream, razors and more!

6. You are always prepared to whip up a recipe when unexpected company comes over for dinner.

5. You always have the ingredients on hand when your hubby comes home and says…”I forgot to tell you we are having a food day tomorrow at work”

4. When there is a predictions for snow you don’t have make a run for the grocery store…you just eat from your stockpile.

3. You are always prepared in case of of a natural disaster or epidemic!

2. You never have to pay retail for your groceries and you never run out of an ingredient.

1. With all the money you save from Stockpiling you can take your family to Walt Disney World!

I have a small stockpile, probably enough to last 3 months for the two of us.  Visit Stockpiling Moms and you will see how much stockling is done! I worry that my 'relatives' may see my stockpile and think they need to visit! LOL

BTW yesterday at Walgreens, I purchased items totaling $51.62 and only PAID $28.20!!

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