57% Savings on Groceries!

Could not wait to show ya'll my savings at Kroger today!

2-70 oz.Tide, 2 pkg Idahoian Potatoes, 6 cans Grands Biscuits, 2 cans Glory Black-Eye Peas, 2 Crest Toothpaste, 4 Hungary Man Meals, 4 Mrs. Callenders Meals, 2 Banquet frozen meals, 1 Apriva sweetner,  1 pkg Mini Carrots, and 4 Dawn Dishwashing Detergent.
Reciept shows a savings of 57% - Purchased $84.45 Paid $37.35 - using $14.40 in coupons!
PLUS Catalina  coupons : $3.00 from Pillsbury On Next Purchase and .75 On next purchase of Idahoian Potatoes and $1 off next purchase of Big K drinks.  Also TIDE had $3.00 coupon in each box!!! 

Check this site out! Is Couponing Worth Your Time? 
Thanks!! Saving A Bundle.

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