One day a year hardly seems adequate...

"We have so much to  be thankful day a year hardly seems adequate" image

Thanksgiving - When  our girls were little we lived far away from extended family. So instead of gathering with Grandparents and cousins, we were invited by friends over for the holidays. For many years we were so graciously invited by Mr. and Mrs. Bateman, one of our closest friends.  She became a Christian listening to her home church's radio station one Sunday morning as my DH preached.  Since that day we were always in her home Thanksgiving Day. (and many other times!)  Mrs. Bateman became fraile and was not able to have all of us in her home. Soon our girls married and we spent Thanksgiving as a family.  We had chosen to live/pastor nearby so we could we around them. Mr. Bateman called last week and I was reminded that each year about a week before Thanksgiving they always called to invite us over for that marvelous meal.  I wanted him to come over, but he reminded me, "I don't go anywhere much, anymore." They only came to see us once, when we moved back to Arkansas and that was a rare thing.  They did not want to be a bother to us. I am eternally grateful to this family as they became our Family throughout eternity.

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