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Forbidden Fruit Is Tasty
Eunice, Louisiana is not not exactly the center of Southern culture nor has it been the destination for exotic vacations; however it was part of my childhood. Our family lived there for a few years and that made is close enough for an occasional visit to Rosa, LA where Papa Leo and Mama Alice lived. Now Eunice is about right for a Cajun girl like me to recall many memories.Times were hard for all of those in the working class back in the ’50’s. There were no such things as trips to Baskin Robins or McDonalds. Terry and I were encouraged to be grateful for the rice and gumbo that we did enjoy. Now you must understand as a 7-8 yr. old girl I did not realize that our family feasted on the very best Cajun food on earth. I longed for the variety of other foods, which brings me to my story. Have you noticed that the tastiest items may grow in the neighbor’s yard? Well I noticed. I was not sure what the small fruit was but it looked like baby Oranges. A small tree of the Kumquat fruit grew in our neighbor’s yard (yum, yum.) When was the last time that you kept one eye on the front door of two houses at once? Yep I had to watch out for my mother and at the same time watch out for our neighbor as I harvested the luscious Kumquat fruit from the citrus tree. Of course I was forbidden to eat the fruit; why do you think they tasted so sweet? I escaped detection which is more than I can say for the Kumquats that were in my grasp

It was a few years later that our family moved to Tyler, Texas following the work in the Oil Fields. No, one there knew there were Kumquat trees growing there; however Mamma Farish had a neighbor who had a Pomegranate tree on their property. I can assure you that the grass does seem to be greener on the other side of the fence. It seemed to me that all those Pomegranate fruit were going to waste. I thought I would do my good deed and sample a few of those tasty fruit, which I did. As I have thought back I am not at all sure if the neighbor really cared if this little girl sampled the fruits growing in their yards but the unknown seemed to make the effort more worth while.

It was while we lived in Tyler, TX, on Confederate Street, that I was first introduced to the scrumptious” taste of an A & W Root beer. As I made my way home from school one afternoon I stopped and asked the attendant what it would cost to try one of those sodas? With a smile on his face he asked if I would like one of there small “free samples”. I have never forgotten the marvelous taste of the root beer in that miniature “frosted mug”. As a matter of fact I stopped by the A & W every day on my walk home from school for one of those “free samples” and you know, I never recall being denied a sample as I flashed my “knock-em-dead” 7 yr. old smile.

A few years later when our family lived in El Dorado, AR another new temptation found me. Now it was not the Kumquat or Pomegranate fruit (again on our neighbors’ property across the road) but a handsome Mulberry tree loaded with scrumptious berries. I realize that girls are not suppose to climb trees but what can I say? I found myself perched on one of the lower branches stuffing my mouth with the most delicious berries that I have ever tasted. The juice dribbled down my chin, stained my teeth and my clothes marked me in such a way that all could readily see that again I was feasting on forbidden fruit. However, Mr. and Mrs. Hardin, with a smile on their neighborly faces, welcomed this 9 yr. old girl to climb their Mulberry tree any time the urge struck me, and it struck often.

YOU KNOW…There was a tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit was forbidden to be eaten less death passed upon all mankind. The Bible tells of a second tree planted in the Garden of Gethsemane and all are encouraged to eat from that tree and it will provide an antidote from the poison of the fruit of the Garden of Eden. In September of 1967 as a young 22yr. old, I partook of the fruit of the tree planted in Gethsemane. I bowed at the foot of the cross asking Jesus to forgive my rebellious heart and give me a new life in Him. YOU KNOW…I have never regretted that day when Jesus came into my life. Oh by the way, do YOU KNOW? (Genesis 2:17; Acts 10:39; John 6:53-63).

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