Better Off Than We Were 4 Years Ago?

Is Anyone Better Off Than They Were Four Years Ago?
I had a weird experience last evening just getting my hair done...listening to a guy telling the stylist why this is the election of our lifetime and she needs to register to vote. Then he said "not only for the President but for the congress and local reps as well! He needs our support because the GOP is trying to deny our right to vote by pushing for voter id and have pushed it through the legislature...." Well, 20 years ago I would have kept my lips zipped and just thought he was an idiot. I couldn't help but say something, though I did control the urge to tell him what I really thought of him. I asked him where he got his! He couldn't or wouldn't answer that, but proceeded to come out with more outrageous accusations that I countered with more questions. When he was through with his haircut he stopped by my chair and said "I only wanted to encourage her to register." I said "uh huh". Afterward the two stylists and I had a very good talk and I am still amazed at how little they knew about anything. The one girl actually thought the threat of terror was ended when they got Bin Laden! I ended our discussion with the question "are you any better off than you were 4 years ago?" They both answered no!! So that is the magic question. The thought that the misinformed, the uninformed, and the uninterested will go "eeny meeny" at the polls on election day is what really scares me.

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