Pond Grasses

It was in the 70’s this morning, so I decided to do some work on my pond’s grasses. I divided the ornamental grass, saved some seeds, cut the foliage away to re-pot the two sections. DH cut clothes hangers in two and ran them through the bottom of the pots and ‘anchored’ the sections down.
I need to divide the mini cattails, but they are toooo heavy for me to pull out of the water. They seem to be doing alright. Maybe I can divide them next spring, once the foliage has died back. (Grass, on left, picture from MSUcares.com)
Here is what they look like now. They are in the upper pond, between the decks. (This pre-fab pond forms the waterfall.)

I grew an Umbrella Palm (Cyperus alternifolius) in my pond in 2004. I love the ‘blooms’ – see the little brown thingys? Recently on a trip to Arkansas a friend gave me one of hers that she dug up out of her flower bed. She stated that she the only water they got was from rain and the occasional washing of the patio. I put the one she gave me in my pond, and have three new shoots from the original. Then, I cut the original plant back and stuck them upside down in a crock . This plant can do well under most circumstances and is so easily propagated - why not try it?


  1. I've always coveted a garden pond but it is not so easy to even think of one while living in an apartment!!
    Thanks for visiting with me on my blog today!!
    love your profile pic!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE my pond as you well know!The energy that I get from it is
    so relaxing.Add the nature that it attracts and the beauty of the acquatic plants there cannot be a better place! Our little peaceful heaven on earth our ponds!Do you have a bench beside yours?


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