Ruby-throated (Male) Hummingbird! ;o)

Not to outdone by all of you who have photographed one of these, I set out to get a shot of one of my hummers. This feeder is one I bought at a garage sale Saturday; so I got two new pics for you to aww and aahhh about.;o)
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Thot for the day:


  1. Sandra,
    Your pond is fabulous! We have just moved to almost Wisconsin from Memphis, and I saw your comment! Thanks for linking to me!

  2. Kewl! Why Wisconsin? We have lived around Memphis, for at least 35 yrs. ;o)

  3. what a beautiful hummer sipper!!!
    and neato that you got it at a garage sale!!!
    now I do have a feeder on my apartment patio...I have trouble keeping it clean stuff builds up on the inside....any tips?

  4. Unfortunately, the humid weather here, makes for mold build-up inside the feeders. I clean mine by filling it with warm water and adding uncooked rice and shaking if vigorously; the rice kernals 'scrub' the sides. Depending on how dry the 'black stuff is, this should do the trick.;o)

  5. Heh what a nice surprise and I am flattered! Nice to meet you! :)
    I was sitting in the garden
    WITHOUT my camera watching the hummers
    come to my feeders!

  6. rice kernals...I'll have to try that...thanks!!!


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