Granddaddy Frog

My Aunt, the cookbook author, said she wished I had posted the 'granddaddy frog' I mentioned in an earlier posts; so here 'he' is! This pic was taken in 2004 with my grandson. You know how boys are, they don't mind touching 'goochy' things. Well he gladly posed with this one. ;o) I do good to see him, but since then I have not been able to zoom in with the camera to catch him again. (That is as close as I am gonna get.)

Blogs I have been reading:

I have just discovered this neat embroidery site; and I have bought a 'beginners' kit, so I can learn from/with her!

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  1. I used to do some embroidery but when I got bifocals I gave it up...made too big a mess!
    Good Luck to you though...lots of pretty things can be made!

  2. Do you still have any of the 'pretties' you made. I would love to see them. ;o)


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