Week-End Get Away!

We haven't been camping in two years, because of our new business but the weather was so nice and cool we loaded up our travel trailer and went to our fav spot, Arkabutla Lake. We have camped here for the last 15 yrs., because it is so close to our home, we can take spur of the moment trips. About 10 yrs. ago we started camping from October to December. My husband liked to trot line fish, and one year we had about 200 pounds of filet catfish in our freezer. Some week-ends we would have a fish-fry for the whole camp. ( In those days the camp sites were filled and there were about 20 sites, in the area were we camped.)

The second week-end of October, we will return to attend the annural "Trade Day" flea market in the area. Out daughter and son-in-law (and their kids) and his parents will set up their travel trailers too. Then the last week-end in October we will attend (for the 10 yr.) the annual 'Bean Festival', in Mountain View, Arkansas. Every year over 50,000 folks will attend this festival. They have a bean cooking contest, and then serve the beans, corn bread and onion until they run out. Mmmm. ;o)

Remember my aunt who has written and published several cookbooks? The Omaha World-Herald recently had an article about her latest, "The Joy of Cherries":

Veteran cookbook author Theresa Millang of Kearney, Neb., has another single-topic gem on the market. This time, she celebrates "The Joy of Cherries�, subtitled "The Taste-Topping Fruit."
"Cherries" is the fifth in her "The Joy of" series on fruit.
After a few pages about the history of cherries and how they are produced, Millang details their health benefits and offers some tips, such as how to remove a cherry pit.
Then the recipes begin.
This is a bare-bones, paper-covered, spiral-bound recipe book - no photos and no index. The table of contents lists 16 chapter headings and the recipe titles in each chapter.
The book offers an amazing variety of recipes, from Fresh Cherry Soup to Turkey Cherry Roll to Kolaches with Cherry Filling to Apricot-Cherry Chili Chutney.
Many of the recipes call for the fruit - both tart and sweet - in season.
Fresh cherries are pretty much out of the stores now, but that's no problem for Millang.
She has recipes for dried (Chicken Cherry Pasta Salad), candied (Fruit Cake Bars), frozen sweet (Terri's Cherry Pretzel Salad), frozen tart (Tart & Tasty Stuffing), canned tart (Cookie Crust Cherry Crisp), canned sweet (Cherry Mascarpone Torte), pie filling (Cherry-Rhubarb Jelly) and maraschino cherries (Ruby Scones). http://www.omaha.com/

Published WednesdaySeptember 13, 2006
Cookbook Showcase: 'The Joy of' series now includes cherries

The Joy of Cherries
Author: Theresa Millang
Publisher: Adventure
Number of pages: 240

“You’re smart when you only believe half of what you hear; wise when you know which half to believe.�


  1. Glad you had a fun camping trip. It looks to be a wonderful spot.
    I also enjoyed the gorgeous photos and piano music. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We absolutely love Mountain Home!! Some of the best Chicagoans have found their way down there and we have had some mighty good pizza, there, too! We rent a cabin and a speed boat every year at the resort and the kids really love it. It's way better than Disney or the beach!
    Keep in touch!

  3. Sue: We want to go back, today!
    The music is beautiful, and relaxing.
    Sissy: Wow! I always say, "It is a small world". Glad we have something in common. We do need to keep in touch!

  4. now I don't like to go camping, but I do love me some fried catfish fillet's and throw on some big ol' hushpuppies and I'm good to go...and them beans sound mighty fine too!!!

  5. Oh, Tammy, you haven't seen what we camp in!;o) Just a 32 ft Travel Trailer, etc. ;0)


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