Still Blogging

Blogging is fun, but lately I have let the really neat shots/pictures escape me, since I did not have my camera handy; but then maybe the neat little things I have seen were for me to enjoy. Like the granddaddy frog in the pond that has been with us for 5 years; (but how many frogs have been 'blogged about') and the two squirrels 'sneaking' a drink from that pond, while we stood on the upper deck, admiring the growth of the water lettuce, which has filled the whole pond. It will give the fish plently to eat through Fall and probably until Winter. I have seen plently of pics of tomatos, as you have, so that one is old news. ;o) Anyway here are the latest garden art pieces that I have added:

I couldn’t help it; when I saw this EE I thot it would look so good in the pond. It is so prefer-looking it looks like it is not real.; and the name “African Mask� suits it, perfectly.

African Mask, Amazon Elephant's Ear Alocasia amazonica-Beautiful, almost black leaves; with very sharp contrasting veins in the foliage. This plant is suitable for growing indoors. Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not over water. Suitable for growing in containers. Bloom Color: White/Near White
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