Christmas Cards

In 1843, the first greeting card (above) appeared in England, produced by John Calcott Horsley.
Then in 1875, Louis Prang began publishing cards, in America and earned the title "father of the American Christmas card."
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I found some more Angels that I added to my collection. lol… (If I love it, I collect it!). The small one, un the frame,I bought on my birthday and the large one, was a print that I always loved, because it shows that even as a child I was protected by my heavenly Father.

Update: *D* echocardiogram is scheduled for February 13.


  1. I enjoyed this post.

  2. Prayers are still being said for *D* at the Ziech house!
    I do love your angels!

    I didn't realize *D* wrote the last post, please tell him I do enjoy his posts!!

  3. Thanks for all the kind posts. yep! *D* has written over 50 stories about his days growing up.


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