My New Year's Wish

My New Year's Wish for You

The Cowboy Shirt
by *D*

I flipped through the channels with my remote and my heart jumped up in my throat. No wonder….right there on my TV was a John Wayne classic, “Boots and Saddle”. That movie was probably made in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s. There is no telling how many times I went to see that exciting, action-packed thriller at the RITZ THEATER in El Dorado, AR, when I was a boy. My Dad would load his pick-up truck with neighborhood kids on Saturday afternoon and take the whole bunch to the “PICTURE SHOW” at the Ritz. There were always two-feature presentations of western movies, a newsreel, a cartoon and an ongoing serial, concluded by the previews of upcoming exciting movies. It would cost us 10 cents to get into the movie and popcorn was a nickel a bag. For fifteen cents you could get enough action to carry you through for the next week. We would tell, retell, smile, flinch, act out and rehearse every detail of those movies to one another day after day. When we left the Ritz late Saturday night we smelled like gun smoke and were amazed at the number of times those six-shooters could shoot. Sometimes Johnny MacBride could go the entire movie and never have to reload his 45. Thank goodness, as there were always a superior number of “bad guys” all wearing black hats. Even Lash Laroo had trouble with that bunch, but of course he could always use his whip when his six-shooter was out of bullets.

One of my prize possessions was my Red Ryder gloves. When you had those gloves on, you kind of swaggered as you walked. Hoping everyone would notice them…. and you. Well, one day my cowboy wardrobe took a turn for the better. Sue Brooks who was a friend of my mother gave me a GENUINE hand made, cowboy shirt. Even Roy did not have one this nice. The entire back of the shirt was covered with an embroidered flower from a cactus. Both of the long sleeves were embroidered with like decorations. Over the shirt pockets on the front and covering the entire front of the shirt was similar hand stitched designs. The sleeves and shirt had pearl snaps. It took my breath away. the first time I saw it. I had never seen Gene Artery with anything so nice. When I put that shirt on and pushed my chest out…. I was somebody. I have often thought of that shirt down through the years. Wonder how long is took Sue Brooks to complete the many thousands of needle stitches that went into the design? Wonder how many times she pricked her fingers in the process? I still recall the big smile and look of joy on her face as I unwrapped that gift. Was I pleased? That was my all time favorite shirt. Thank you Sue Brooks for loving a poor little boy in the Old Union Community at El Dorado, AR. Even though that was over five decades ago my chest still swells and my eyes moisten when I think of that priceless gift that only love could have given.

Bless Your Heart. The shirt described above is nothing but “hand-me down rags” when compared to the glorious ROBES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS that our Sweet Jesus shall cloth us with upon our arrival in heaven. Everything of this earth shall fade away, wear out and be no good for our journey through eternity. We need something that will last and that will cover our failures. Undoubtedly Sue Brooks loved me but when compared to the love that Jesus has for you and I….well she made me a shirt….JESUS will clothe me in RIGHTEOUSNESS. When I put on the ROBES of FORGIVENESS and the ROBES or RIGHTEOUSNESS that Jesus provides through FAITH in His name….Why, I feel like I am somebody. You know what?…The Bible says "WE are THE SONS OF GOD". Yes….me….Donnie boy….from Old Union Community….I AM A SON OF GOD. But of course…this blessing is available to WHOSEVER WILL….That includes you. You know that it could not be difficult or I could never have been part of God’s plan. Why don’t you call on His name? He loves you! II Corinthians 6 - (copyrighted)


  1. Such awesome folks, you and Sandra! God's Blessings for a Happy and Healthy 2007.
    Praise God for Sue Brooks and her graciousness to a little boy!

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours!! I'm so glad our paths crossed in this big wide world of blogging and I so look forward to future posts and comments:-) Loved this story, thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Hey!! No posts? Cause it's so nice out, I betcha!!
    We have been in the high 40s and I have been out with the big dog, every day!!
    I hope you all are taking care of my brugs!!
    Luv ya!


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