Jill at Free People - has some beautiful pictures of Hawaii; including one of her girls playing "Tarzan". It reminded me of this story by DH wrote for me.  He is the 'talker/writer/spokesperson' in our family. Love you, Babe! ;o)

 The Grape Vine

Houses were scattered in the Mt. Holly Road Community West of El Dorado, AR. back in the 50’s; and therefore very few activities for children. No community ball teams, no community parks and few community children to play with. My mother was so understanding when I began to whine, There is nothing to do. She would quickly offer to find me something to do; I knew what that involved and would hit the screen door on the run. I could hear the echo from the slammer and the high pitch of my mother voice, Don’t slam that door! I had to get out of there quick, no time to close the screen softly as I was sure mom was going to pull the broom or mop from the pantry and give me something to do, so I would not be bored. Well I had several stand-by fun things to do that every country girl had to occupy her time. I just did not feel like chasing the chicken or having the goats chase me today. I needed more excitement.

As I wandered down by the creek on the edge of the pasture looking for something to occupy my time I crossed the shallow creek pretending to be in the jungle. There it was the beautiful grape vine that presented itself for my enjoyment. Now any vine that a 10 yr. petite girl could reach had to hang close to the ground and this one did. I always tried it out first by grasping the vine and pulling myself off the ground. Next, I would spin around in a circle. Yep it felt pretty good. Before I knew it I was swinging back and forth across that creek. As I grew bolder and the vine swung higher and wider, a girlish aaaaaaaahhhh! escaped from deep in my throat. (Not at all like the Tarzan sounds of my little brother, Billy). That always took care of all the panthers, bears and other critters lurking in the brushes. It sure worked well, as I was never bothered by such varmints. As a young girl I spent many enjoyable hours swinging on my Tarzan vine, deep in the jungle, hidden from the sight of my mother who wanted to find me something to do. When the wind rushed through my long hair, a smile covered my face and my feet were several feet off the ground I knew what happiness was.
It has been a life time since I last swung on that grapevine. I have spent my life raising my family and involved in the cares of life. However, I must confess from time to time I have taken a turn over that creek in my memories. Regardless of the pressures of the 21st century those memories still bring a smile to this girl’s face.

YOU KNOW  There are a lot of things that have changed over the years in my life. It seems clear to me that I will never be able to physically go back and do those childhood events even if I chose to do so. Instead of looking back it is better to look forward. We are promised in the Word of God Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. The thrill of trusting that grape vine to hold me up, is a lot like trusting Jesus to provide things so much greater that we cannot even imagine it. YOU KNOW you can trust God’s promises to provide for them that love him. I Corinthians 2:9-12. Memories of Sandra - by: Don


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