Wednesday Jebruary 3, 2010

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Tell us about your life 20 years ago.

What were you doing? We just moved back to Mississippi from pasturing a church in Arkansas, to be near our daughters and their family.

What direction were you heading? Well, hopefully, at least for a while, we will not be moving; but are considering starting our construction business, building homes.

How is your life different now that what you THOUGHT it would be? Very much different! but starting over/again has always been rewarding.

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  1. Hi Sandra. Thank you for stopping by my site. Nice to meet another person from Louisiana. Love your garden. It's dreary here and nice to see hope for good weather. God bless!

  2. ...coming over from the Blog Hop :o) Yes, what a lovely garden :o) And one day, like you moving to Mississippi to be near your children and their hubby and I have a goal to move closer to our children (they are currently all in Kentucky going to school). The 11 + hours driving distance is just way tooo far.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3., February 03, 2010 9:28:00 PM

    Just doing some blog hoping.

    Good to meet other bloggers!!



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