More Couponing, Etc.

Yesterday, Thursday at Kroger I saved 45% on my total grocery bill.

The greatest "deal" was buying Kingsford charcoal brickets and getting Ranch Dressing, KC Masterpiece BBQue sauce and any Glad product FREE plus $1.00 back from Gladware; and $2.00 of any type meat! The charcoal was $6.99 minus $10.00 on 3 products and $2.00 off my meat product. Fist time I every made money buying groceries!! WooHoo!
 Kroger now has a type of Register Rewards. I don’t know what they are calling it. The deal today was, buy 4 Phillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and get $4 “On your next shopping order”.
Finally I received, for the first time from the Catalian machine 20% off any purchase at Payless Shoe Source (they have the ‘kutetess’ shoes) and a Catalina worth $.75 off my next order of three Bumble Bee tuna pouches.

I want to start making a small Dogwood tree with these blooms I edited and also use the Dogwood Bloom Lights my DD Becky gave me! I think it will be kute!  Just need to wait on Don to find the 'perfect' tree base!

Does this make you think "Spring"?

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