Walgreens Savings March 24, 2010

Here's a pix of the items I bought today. Not included is the FREE 8.4 oz Olay Body Lotion with purchase of Olay Quench Body Lotion 20.2oz; which I received a raincheck. Their are 2  Hormel bacon (for $6) minus two coupons. They had the Cool Whip for .55 cents. Don't you just love the Donut dispenser for the Magic Tape
The total price was $75.43 with tax BUT I only paid $35.99. WooHoo! AND I recived two RR coupons which totaled $11.00.Hoping Coupon Queeny and MyMemphisMommy will drop by and 'comment' if this is a good savings at Walgreens.

My DH  was asked to preach at his "Home Church" on April 4th. He is so excited (1) To get the opportunity and (2) to get to spend some time with our dear Friends Ervin and Becky. Ervin was our best man at out wedding and we named our oldest DD after "Becky" !  (We also named our youngest DD after Becky's sister "Nancy".  They have been there for us all our ministry!  Thanks E and B!! ((hugs))!

So we will need a "dog sitter" for our sickly dog Harvey, our g'son, Weston  usually likes to take care of him; don't know about Ginger, she is mighy wild! LOL
Hoping Coupon Queeny and MMMom will drop by and 'comment' if this is a good savings at Walgreens.

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  1. Hey Sandra! I think you did a phenomenal job. I think most people would think the final price seems high but when you look at the PG stuff you bought that is really expensive stuff! I'd love to post your deals on my site and refer to your site (might help with traffic, may not) worth trying. Can you break it down for me the prices of the products and I can search for the coupons to go with it if you don't know where you got!


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