Wordy Wednesday and Kookie

Remember, I found a box full of collectable sheet music at a garage sale.  I previous posted a pix of Elvis and "The Sound of Music: Do Re Me".   I remember as a teenager watching the "77 Sunset Strip" series on television and Kookie slicking back his hair with his comb. 

The "Happy Children" wanted you to meet the Fountain Girl, (she is at the top) and  a fav of mine that a neighbor threw away and DH was able to get it to working again.  He is so smart! ;o)
Close up:

Visit this site for some doable/creative crafts
"Get Your Craft On Tuesday!".  These fun projects really inspire me to be more creative. 

Here is one crafter who submitted this project on

"how i made a chalkboard that's as tall as i am"

One Mother's Day my DD gave me a string of Dogwood Lights.  I thought I would use them to make the tree below.  Finding the right artificial tree proved time consuming but finaly I found one at SA; it was just the size I needed and it was not jammed with a lot of leaves.  I printed and cut out dogwood blooms and glued them on some of the leaves to have a balanced look.  Who doesn't like a Dogwood tree?!

My new helper, Ginger is really enjoying this beautiful Spring weather!

What new projects have you waited all Winter to start and the beautiful days have inspired you to do?

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