Garage Sales Crafts

The weather was absolutely gorgeous Saturday before Mom's Day; and I found these beauties. Including this 4-piece candleholder set with wrought iron "legs". and the decroative plate

I turned the candle holder 'bowl' over and glued a small candle holder on top and placed it on the decorative plate that I bought at the garage sale for .25 cents. Then I placed the decorative plate on top of another clear plate that had the matching smaller candle holder gorilla glued to the bottom.  I did not want to glue down the decorative plate to make it a permanent fixture. 

Here is this finished craft.

I GGlued the wroght iron 'legs' to another clear plate to change it up, just to see what it looked like. I see now that the decorative platter and the wrought iron are not compatable.

I had already made the pink and the tourquoise cake plate covers. I turned the large candle holder 'bowls " upside down and glued  the matching candle stick holders, because they were so beautiful . I am not going to glue another candle holder to the bottom, as the cover on the tourquise plate is very heavy and I like the pink one the way it is.
I loved this plate that I found at the SA and was happy to find an idea in the blogging world to use it in this manner.

Here is the cake cover with a clear plate and another of the smaller candle holder, on the bottom.

A lot of Bloggers are adding wooden bases and some are making smaller covers as Cheese Domes seen  here . "There are a ton of these around at garage sales and thrift stores. I've been seeing multiple examples of do it yourself cake plates. 

I liked them so much I wanted to have one for myself.

Now what craft will I have for ya'll next week?

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