Thankful and Transformation Thursday

Thesse Mums are beautiful..(Mums for Mom!) My DD,GD and GS sent these to me!  I love the colors and The Petal Pusher in our home town did a beautiful presentation.  It's always nice to be rememberd on special days. 

My DH Transformed my ugly mailbox cover at my request.  He is so talented and thoughtul to do this for me. 

The "Almost Old-Fashioned Roses" are showing off for the 'photo shoot'.

Ok since I started this blog to post about my flower garden, I wanted to share with you some:                        Transplanting Tips -Thanks Famer's Almanac
For many gardeners, May is the biggest transplanting month. A seedling’s move to the outdoors can be traumatic. Here are some tips to minimize transplant shock:
• Be sure that the plants “harden off.” During the plants’ last week indoors, lower temperatures a bit, withhold fertilizer, and water less often.
• For the last 7 to 10 days, bring seedlings outdoors for increasing periods each day, first placing them in dappled shade, protected from winds, and then gradually moving them into full sun and wind.
• Do not leave outside if there is danger of frost. See your frost-free dates.
• When buying transplants at a nursery, choose stocky plants with deep-green foliage. You’ll need to harden off these transplants, too.
• Ideally, the transplants that you grow or buy are in individual containers so that you do not disturb the roots of neighboring seedlings when you remove each plant.

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