Thanksgiving Labor of Love

This is why it is called a Labor of Love.  It is a lot of work to have everything ready for the annual Thanksgiving meal.  I begin baking at least one week in advance for the day and also do my Christmas baking on the same day.  It is a lot easier for me to go ahead and have it all done, with all the baking ingredients and recipes already out I can get it all done quicker.
I have a Deep Dish Pecan Pie recipe that if you double the ingredients you will have three regular pies. It is very rich so the smaller slices are just right.  DH likes whipped cream on top, but I had rather leave it off; after all that makes it really fattening. lol
This year I baked the Southern Potato Pie that was given to me by my mom.  It is the best I have ever eaten.  It is not overly sweet so you can use whipped cream on top or as the recipe calls for you can add meringue

This is probably the closet you are going to get to seeing the recipe for my MIL Christmas Cake. It is very easy to make and very it a much have on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Labor of Love for our Children's Choir.
Thanks for all the time you have spent working with our
future choir members.

And the Greatest Labor of Love:

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