First Picture of Spring 2011

We planted this Wisteria when we moved here, in 2002 and has bloomed for us the last four years.

Spring Flowering
Wisteria vines make excellent "roofing" for garden arbors. You can be sure that the flowering of any successful wisteria vine has been the subject of many a double take from passersby. A stunning bloomer, in spring this climber yields large, drooping clusters of fragrant bluish-purple or white flowers. Wisteria vines can be grown in zones 3-9.One problem with the Chinese and Japanese wisteria vines is waiting for their success -- i.e., flowering. Waiting for them to finally flower can be just too long a wait for some folks, although some growers report success in speeding up their flowering through rigorous pruning (for more information, see my full article on wisteria vines.

Another problem with Japanese and Chinese wisteria vines is the potential for invasiveness. You'd better be a hands-on gardener if you want to grow Chinese wisteria vines or Japanese wisteria vines. Be ruthless about keeping their growth checked through pruning.


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