Easter 2011

To our Friends in Christ,

As this "Good Friday" draws to a close, I pray that your heart is
profoundly touched by remembering that nearly 2,000 years ago Jesus
went to the Cross, died, and was buried in a borrowed tomb. For
several days, Jesus' body remained lifeless as His followers melted
with fear and found their faith in the icy grip of confusion and

Thank God! Jesus' crucifixion story does not end with the Lord's body
enslaved to death and decay in that borrowed tomb! No, Sunday was
coming even though none of Jesus' followers seemed to expect the
events of that incredible Resurrection Sunday Morning. They were
completely surprised, held breathless by the incredible experiences
of meeting the Lord alive again, walking, talking, and eating with
the One they loved so deeply and that they thought was gone. Some
were startled. Some fell and grasped his feet. Others disbelieved for
joy. Another placed his hands in the imprints left by the nails and
spear. And little by little, follower after follower, Jesus showed
himself alive and offered many different proofs of his resurrection
and they believed. They then testified to their faith, sometimes at
the cost of their own lives, so they could share this good news with

So my prayer is that you wait with anticipation for Resurrection
Sunday, this first Sunday after Passover. And with the coming of this
glorious day, I pray that the Holy Spirit, the gift of the risen
Jesus, will re-enivorate your passion, hope, and courage to live for
our Lord no matter what challenges you face! -copied


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